I’m Aminah Rahman and I’m a poet from Cambridge. I’ve been writing poetry since the age of eight. Poetry allows me to just spill my thoughts and emotions onto the page. I write because I want my dream to come true – my dream of living in a world free of hate and prejudice. When I was announced as one of the winners of the Young Muslim Writers Awards in 2015, I was shocked but it was also really affirming – I started to believe that, one day, other people might want to read the things I’d written.


Aminah was the winner of the Young Muslim Writers Awards Key Stage 2 Poetry category for her three poems Spring, Autumn and Winter in 2015.

Aminah also won the Cambridge News and Media Education Awards ‘Pupil of the Year’ award.


Poems by Aminah is Aminah’s first poetry collection which comprises of fun and amusing poems for young children.

Soul Change is a collection of powerful and moving poems by Aminah Rahman, who writes straight from the heart to touch on sensitive social and personal issues affecting humanity today. Aminah talks about acceptance, bullying, mental health, trust, hope and fear amongst other topics. Her poems will connect to the souls of many people and, hopefully, they will draw comfort from her words.

Five of Aminah’s poems have been published in Young Writers UK anthologies.

Aminah is featured in the June edition of Writing Magazine, the UK’s biggest and bestselling magazine for writers, where she talks about her passion for poetry.

She was also recognised as one of the ‘Top 6 Most Influential Muslim Youth’ in Hayati Magazine, Nigeria’s #1 Muslimah fashion and lifestyle magazine.



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